The five startup podcasts that will inspire you to test your idea & launch your own startup

Here’s my top 5 favourite startup podcasts. Inspiration guaranteed! #1 Startup by Gimlet Media – first season on how founders Alex and Matt set up their own podcast company Gimlet Media, then various seasons where Gimlet follows other startups and analyses the rise and fall of various companies #2 How I Built This by NPR […] asks internet users via regular post how the internet has changed their lives

An interesting collection of quotes.

Some favourites:

I remember 6 or 7 years ago when I still lived in Lebanon, my bed was by the window. I would wake up, greet the trees and the sky, smile, and then jump out of bed. Back then I only had access to the internet at university and my father’s company.

Ghinwa from Lebanon


Even when on holiday, the first thing I check is the availability of internet access at the hotel…:(

–  from Singapore


I really can’t accept a life without home delivery services and online meal ordering. Its miserable :^(

– Jingwen from China

A project by Jeroen van Loon

KOVR creates some pretty sick spaceman-like jackets that protect your privacy

KOVR´s jackets and bags are made from nickel, copper, and polyester, and block every in- and outgoing signal, making it impossible to access personal information. The jackets include a special front pocket for when you want to be reached by phone.

Made by Leon Baauw and Marcha Schagen.

Available by the end of this year for an expected retail price of 500 euro per jacket.

Source: Project Kovr; What’s Up? #87 Smart Fabrication;