Launchpad pitch

When I launched my tech startup years ago, I was surprised by the lack of women working in tech. After teaching myself to code, I discovered that with determination, coding is quite accessible. I realised that more women could easily be working in this field if they were introduced to coding early on.

Yet, during the few months I worked as a Python webscraper, the lack of female engineers in my direct working environment was one of the main reasons why I quit coding; I simply didn’t feel like ‘one of the guys’.

Fortunately, I found my calling on the business side of tech products. Ever since, I strongly promote women in IT. Feminine energy brings warmth, empathy, and a different perspective. My primary focus is on creating a strong team; everything starts with feeling like you can accomplish anything together. Therefore, I ensure that members feels at ease and recognised, work according to preferred work styles whenever possible, are confident in their tasks, and know they can reach out whenever needed.

Furthermore, I focus on creating strong ties with customers and building enthusiastic user communities, by ensuring that people feel heard at all times. Clear communication, prompt replies to requests, and showing true interest in a stakeholder’s needs are at the heart of accomplishing this goal. 

Last, my approach is democratic: when a team effort is required to reach a tight (client) deadline, deliver a roadmap, improve team communication or a specific workflow, I ensure that the right people get together to make it happen on time.

As much as I can explain my take on my role as a PO*, statements from people I’ve worked with in this role might give more insight on my personality, working style, and what I bring to a team.

Your asset is you [rather than the skills, which can be taught] ”, Remco Schoos , CTO, CIO & Chief AI Officer, Group Moovs  

Working alongside Mireille was a game-changer for our team at Group Moovs, especially on the process’ sides. She was like the glue that held us all together. With her help, managing our tasks and translating the clients’ needs went so much smoother. And let’s not forget about her positive and open personality – always brightening up the meetings online or in the office. I really think that she was the soul of the team, ”, Roland Rácz, Senior Frontend Developer & Software Engineer, Group Moovs

If we [as a team] are the car, you’re the engine”, Márk Péter-Szábo, Software Developer, Bishop & Co

Your unwavering dedication to our team and the product has notably been inspiring to us but also a driving force behind our successes. Though we’ll miss your daily presence and guidance, your influence and the incredible mark you’ve left on our team will continue to guide us”, Charli Paul, Senior QA Tester & Developer, Group Moovs

Thank you for being you! Caring, professional, funny, enthusiastic, curious, helping ”, Evgeniia Raschupkina, Project Manager, Group Moovs

*Certified PSPO-II, Dec 2022,