mireille kendo

Mini-retirements help to refresh the mind, discover great places, meet inspiring people, understand new cultures, get out of comfort zones and grow as a person. I recommend mini-retirements to anyone.

Whenever I get inspired by something specific, I don't hesitate to jump on a plane, explore, and make it a mini-retirement while I'm at it.
During the past two decades, I lived in Milan and Paris to discover the beauty of online entrepreneurship and working in the fashion industry. In São Paulo I explored digital consulting and learned how to skateboard. I kickstarted a failed career in programming in Prague. In Tokyo I explored new business ideas and was taught kendo by a Japanese kendo master. I launched a failed tech app in San Francisco. In Cali (Colombia) I discovered a love for dancing salsa and exploring dancing to other music genres. Each adventure taught me different life lessons.
As I've grown older, my view on what matters in life has shifted. Nowadays, I value being close to family and friends more than I did in the past. Being away from loved ones to explore a new interest is not worth it anymore.
Nonetheless, I cherish each of my adventures and recommend taking a mini-retirement to change perspective anytime to anyone who hasn't tried it before.

29 January 2019