CraveCoach Beta

Stop eating food you know is bad for you. Sign up today for a unique experiment to get rid of your bad food cravings.
Are you addicted to sugar? Do you give in to your cravings more often than is good for you? Do you feel bad mentally and physically as a result?

My goal is to prevent you from binging that bag of chips, that chocolate bar, or that ice cream you know you shouldn't touch. The solution I have in mind is a Whatsapp chatbot, allowing you to check in with the bot whenever you have a craving. CraveCoach will change your mind to healthier alternatives, allowing you to feel better, healthier and happier! 🌱

If you're interested to try out the beta version, here is how it works:

1. Fill in the pre-registration form (max 5 minutes)
2. I will get in touch and let you know if you meet the requirements for the experiment
3. Add CraveCoach to your contact list (max 1 minute)
4. Whatsapp CraveCoach the next time you really crave something , like a cookie, a piece of chocolate, a whole bar of chocolate, etc. (max 10 minutes)
5. Debrief experience via a short call (max 20 minutes)

Ready to try a new way to stop eating junk food?